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"Megan was the perfect tutor for our oldest son. She was always accommodating with scheduling and working on special projects. Because Megan grew up in the area, she is very familiar with local teachers and their instructional methods. Megan motivated my son to study and excel in speaking the Spanish language. I would highly recommend her and plan on hiring her again for my younger son."
— Barbara Brown, Piedmont High School

"My daughter, who has some learning challenges, was struggling with high school Spanish. She never would have made it through Spanish class, with a solid B grade, without the patient, thoughtful and diligent tutoring provided by Megan Soberanes. Megan was reliable, responsible, respectful, and creative in her approaches. She is passionate about helping her students in Spanish and we would recommend her unconditionally to anyone!"
— Mark Harris, Piedmont High School

"Megan is a fantastic tutor! When we started, I had specific goals in mind and she tailored our lessons to those goals. We only worked together for a short time, but I was able to achieve everything I had set out to do. Megan was able to clearly articulate the 'how' and 'why' regarding any grammar questions I had, and reinforced my learning by providing me with take-home material. Due to her years of studying the language, her grasp of Spanish is actually superior to many native speakers. Thanks for everything Megan!"
— Pete Sheppard, San Rafael

"When my freshman son began Spanish 2 in high school, he was met with two problems: the Spanish 1 class had not prepared for Spanish 2, and his teacher was VERY difficult to understand. With an F at first progress report Megan came to save the day. With her great ability to center in on what the needs my son were and to figure out what the teacher wanted we were able to get through the whole year with B's on report cards! My son also developed a true understanding and liking for Spanish he never thought was possible. Megan is professional and sweet at the same time. I know other families who are also pleased to be able to have had Megan's help! If we need help in Spanish 3, we won't hesitate to call!"
— Martha Hausmann, Alameda High school